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The Wax Co

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For this site I worked closely with Daniel Paradise for the design and we produced a product we could be proud of. Daniel and I collaborated extensively to design not only the site, but the logo as well. The site has a design style that I could only describe as Flat+. Flat design tends to remove all depth and heirarchy […]

Stripe for WooCommerce

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I recently released an open-source plugin for WordPress that adds a payment gateway to WooCommerce. There are other Stripe plugins for WooCommerce but one is $79 and the other one was lacking some features that I thought were necessary. Striper was the only open-source plugin that I could find and I decided I would work on improving that plugin and sending […]

Barzaga Expressions

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Yeilem Barzaga is my sister-in-law and a talented artist. I built this website for her to sell some of her art. For this project, I used WordPress, WooCommerce, and a modified version of the new twentyfourteen theme. For this project, the task was to make a website with the newest web standards and features that […]

305 Consulting Engineers

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My father needed a website for his new consulting business and I volunteered my services to build him a site. I started out with WordPress and the twentytwelve theme and began customizing. He hired a designer to come up with the logo and color scheme, and I designed everything else. The site has 2 custom […]