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Poker Clock

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A few months ago I became interested in learning about React and how to utilize it in modern web apps. So, I came up with a simple project which allowed me to explore not only how to use React properly, but also manage state with Redux. The Poker Clock open-source project was the result; a poker tournament clock written in React and using […]

Building Color Visualizer


A few months ago I worked on a small project for a metal building manufacturer. The basic idea was a web app where you could color individual pieces of a building to see what it would look like. It’s not a new idea, so I looked around at various web sites that had similar applications and everything I found used server-side logic to handle […]

Token Badlands

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For the 2015 Static Showdown hackathon, Jason Valle, Michael Martin and I created a game. The rules of the event stipulate that the app has to be done without a custom backend, but services like Firebase can be used to sync data between clients. For this hackathon we wanted to make a fast-paced game with addictive qualities that we would enjoy […]

The Wax Co

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For this site I worked closely with Daniel Paradise for the design and we produced a product we could be proud of. Daniel and I collaborated extensively to design not only the site, but the logo as well. The site has a design style that I could only describe as Flat+. Flat design tends to remove all depth and heirarchy […]

Stripe for WooCommerce

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I recently released an open-source plugin for WordPress that adds a payment gateway to WooCommerce. There are other Stripe plugins for WooCommerce but one is $79 and the other one was lacking some features that I thought were necessary. Striper was the only open-source plugin that I could find and I decided I would work on improving that plugin and sending […]

Sauus Redesign

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Sauus is a news aggregator site based in Singapore that badly needed a site redesign. They built the back-end technology and it was pretty impressive, but the front end was just Bootstrap and it looked like every other quickly prototyped site. The task was pretty simple, make a mockup that they can implement into their […]

USF Health Academic Template Redesign

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While working at USF Health, I interacted a lot with the academic template and had to design around its overuse of gradients and shadows. I started to skew my palette toward a flatter design and a lot of what I was doing looked off on this template, so I decided I would make an effort […]

Barzaga Expressions

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Yeilem Barzaga is my sister-in-law and a talented artist. I built this website for her to sell some of her art. For this project, I used WordPress, WooCommerce, and a modified version of the new twentyfourteen theme. For this project, the task was to make a website with the newest web standards and features that […]

305 Consulting Engineers Client Portal

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For this site, a request was made for a location where clients and project managers could upload and download files with no restrictions on file size and the ability to limit access to the files to specific clients. This sounded really complex, but luckily somebody had already gone through the trouble of creating a project […]

305 Consulting Engineers

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My father needed a website for his new consulting business and I volunteered my services to build him a site. I started out with WordPress and the twentytwelve theme and began customizing. He hired a designer to come up with the logo and color scheme, and I designed everything else. The site has 2 custom […]