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305 Consulting Engineers Client Portal

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For this site, a request was made for a location where clients and project managers could upload and download files with no restrictions on file size and the ability to limit access to the files to specific clients. This sounded really complex, but luckily somebody had already gone through the trouble of creating a project that did all of that and more. I found Project Send and installed it on the server for a trial period of a few weeks to make sure it did what we needed it to do.

Once we determined that it worked well and found its faults, I went to work customizing the look to match the 305 Consulting brand and fixing the functionality that was lacking in the original application. The first thing I did was remove all of the unused Twitter Bootstrap styles that were bloating the size of the site for no reason. After all of the unused styles were gone, the javascript was cleaned up and so was the php.

I installed the Navtacular navigation that I worked on with Michael Martin to replace the broken navigation that was there before. Then I made the site responsive, including the 5 different tables. In the end, the heaviest page on the site comes in at 136 kB minified and gzipped, and the entire site is mobile-optimized.