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305 Consulting Engineers

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My father needed a website for his new consulting business and I volunteered my services to build him a site. I started out with WordPress and the twentytwelve theme and began customizing. He hired a designer to come up with the logo and color scheme, and I designed everything else.

The site has 2 custom post types for job postings and team members and a custom admin area for the post types and the contact page. The site is mobile-first and completely responsive. In the to-do list is a rotating slider on the home page that will cycle through the portfolio of completed projects. Also in the list is an expanded services page with descriptions and some interactive elements.

Overall, a pretty simple project with a quick turnaround time, the long-term goals will expand on this framework and it was built to allow for that. Plugins were kept to a minimum and site speed is paramount. For this reason, CSS and JS were stripped of non-essential bloat to bring the size of the site down and increase speed. Soon, all of the UI elements will be converted to SVG to further improve not only the look on high resolution devices, but to cut down on file size some more.