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Barzaga Expressions

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Yeilem Barzaga is my sister-in-law and a talented artist. I built this website for her to sell some of her art. For this project, I used WordPress, WooCommerce, and a modified version of the new twentyfourteen theme.

For this project, the task was to make a website with the newest web standards and features that could sell some of her art. In keeping with the newest standards, HTML5 elements and CSS3 transitions abound with jQuery for some progressive enhancement. To ensure maximum exposure, the site doesn’t require javascript and works in IE9 and above.

For the web store I used WooCommerce and modified the theme colors to match what I had designed for the Barzaga Expressions website. All of the User Interface was flattened to be out of the way and show off the artwork with little distraction. The lightbox on the individual product pages was stripped down and cleaned up to give an unobstructed view of the art.

The shopping cart page was originally made with a table that failed to crunch down to the size of a mobile screen. The cart was remade using a responsive table system that I developed, and the cart now flows beautifully from mobile, to tablet, to desktop, without any hiccups and a smooth transition throughout.

Overall this website was built with care and attention to detail and fits what the customer wanted perfectly. They maintain a blog on the site with general information, quotes and gallery exhibits.