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The Wax Co

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For this site I worked closely with Daniel Paradise for the design and we produced a product we could be proud of. Daniel and I collaborated extensively to design not only the site, but the logo as well. The site has a design style that I could only describe as Flat+. Flat design tends to remove all depth and heirarchy to create a design with no drop shadows or gradients, and this design includes them in minor but tasteful ways to bring back that visual heirarchy that would otherwise be lost.

The site is built on WordPress, is mobile-first responsive and the theme was made from scratch. WooCommerce was used for the store and the default styles were disabled to reduce the amount of bloat WooCommerce comes with by default. The site was built to be incredibly fast and every page loads in under a second. Stylus was used as the CSS preprocessor with Jeet providing the back-end grid system.